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(Frequently Asked Questions)

The Long Grabber in operationWhat is the warranty?
Return the product within one week of receipt for any reason you choose, and you will immediately get a 100% refund, less the cost of shipping -- no questions asked. If any component breaks within one year, return the broken component with your receipt for a free replacement.

Exactly what poles should I get for my Long Grabber?
The easiest approach is to bring your Long Grabber to your nearest hardware store, find their standard electrical conduits, and see which one it mates to. The tong assembly will easily slip over a standard ¾" nominal diameter 10-ft long EMT steel conduit, and the cam cleats will slip over the same conduit. A standard 1" nominal EMT steel conduit will slip over the ¾" conduit to telescope the Long Grabber out to 20-ft.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes, the shipping on every Long Grabber is free after the first one. That's our quantity discount.

Why don't you include the poles (electrical conduits) for a complete package?
We would be happy to, and we would charge no more than your local hardware store, maybe $10, but shipping something 10-feet long would set you back $100. Better to just pick that up at your neighborhood hardware store and just slip the Long Grabber over it.

We sometimes come across trash too heavy to lift at 20 feet. What can we do?
Remember that you need not lift the trash. You close the Long Grabber on it, lock the tension rope with the cam cleat, and use both hands to pull out the trash straight back. The Long Grabber is steel so you can do the job. For the really big jobs such as shopping carts, bicycles, even cars, use the Long Grabber to reach out and place a heavy duty hook & chain.

Must I go out to 20-feet, or can I just stick with a 10-ft Long Grabber?
Most of our customers buy only the ¾" diameter 10-ft long steel conduit and use that. They keep the Long Grabber's rope cam cleat to put on the 1" conduit just in case, but don't buy that conduit to go out to 20-ft until if and when it's needed.

Can the Long Grabber go out past 20 feet?
Yes, you can add the next larger electrical conduit available from your hardware store as the third telescoping piece, but most people won't be able to lift anything with it. You can overcome this by resting the Long Grabber on a railing and pivoting it or using two men.

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